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The Fr. Lee A. Selzer Newman Center is grateful for the generous gifts that allow us to continue our work in ministering to the Citadel's Catholic community..

If you are interested in helping financially, we offer a number of opportunities that you can chose from. A brief description of these are below:

You may give online here

You may give to the Citadel Catholic Alumni Endowment, or to one of the discretionary funds, or to one of the Catholic Citadel Scholarships. These gifts are made through the Citadel Foundation and have the added benefits of counting towards class giving for Alumni and are open for matching gifts with some corporations. You will also be listed as a donor in the Citadel Foundation's reports. A donation to these funds should be made through The Citadel Foundation. When making a donation for these funds be sure to indicate that you want your gift to go to "other" and then put the name of the account or scholarship in the comments section.

Catholic Citadel Accounts

Citadel Catholic Alumni Endowment
Description:This account will ensure the future presence of a priest and secretary at the Parish of Christ the Divine Teacher to provide for the needs of Catholic Campus Ministry at The Citadel. Income from the endowment will pay for salaries and benefits as well as general parish expenses. Currently the endowment has a balance of $452,358. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000,000.

Catholic Discretionary Fund
Description: This account is used during the year to pay for general parish expenses excluding salary. Most cadet expenses for retreats, programs, rentals etc. will come from this account. The account is managed by The Citadel and all expenses must be cadet related. Annual expenses for this account are generally in the $8,000 to $12,000 range.

Catholic Choir Discretionary Fund
Description: This account supports the Catholic Choir excluding salary for a director. The Catholic Choir provides music at all Catholic Liturgies and participates in the Combined Choirs for Christmas. The choir always travels a few times during the year to Catholic Parishes. Monies from this account help to pay for music, expenses, and travel. Annual expenses for this account are generally in the $2,000 to $4,000 range.

Catholic Citadel Scholarships

Catholic Campus Ministry at the Citadel is blessed to have several scholarships that have a preference for Catholic Cadets.

The Frank J. De Marco III Scholarship
The Kerr Family Scholarship
The Ogier Family Scholarship
The 1st Lt. Christopher I. Stoddard Memorial Scholarship
The Citadel Council Knights of Columbus Scholarship
Rev. Lee Selzer Class of 1990 Memorial Scholarship
Total of all Current Scholarship Funds that have a Catholic requirement is approximately $470,000.

Direct Giving

You may also give a donation directly to Catholic Campus Ministry. These monies will be used to support various parish and campus ministry programs.  Gifts made directly to Catholic Campus Ministry at The Citadel are not acknowledged by The Citadel or The Citadel Foundation.

Please make your check out to Catholic Campus Ministry and mailed to :

Catholic Campus Ministry
The Citadel, MSC #58
Charleston, South Carolina 29409

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