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Exam Schedules

Day Program Exam Schedule

CTP Exam Schedule

*Students should keep in mind that the semester begins with the first day of class, and ends with the last day of the final exam period.  For that reason, students are encouraged to remain available until the last day of the posted final exam period. Please review the Academic Calendar or contact your instructor for further details.

Policy on Final Examinations

Comprehensive examinations are required at the end of each semester. The comprehensive nature of the final examination, which is normally three hours in length, ensures that the student is provided with an opportunity to organize the content of the course and to understand the progressive nature of learning. Should the instructor feel that another procedure is more appropriate for a particular course, he/she will obtain written approval from the department head. The department head will inform the Associate Provost of the courses in which comprehensive final examinations will not be required.

It is recommended that in the determination of the final grade for a course the final examination not be given a relative weight in excess of one-third. Any deviations from general practices must be explained to the student at the outset of the course when the general nature of the course and the work upon which the grade will be based are discussed and presented in writing through the course syllabus.

Final examination periods (three hours in length) are scheduled for each section of course work. Final Examinations will be given at the assigned time.

Guidelines For Giving Final Examinations

  1. No examinations are to be given prior to the beginning of the established period. (Excluded from this rule are laboratory, ROTC, and RPED courses).
  2. No examinations are to be given on Reading Day, during Reading Periods, on a Sunday, or during an Evening Study Period.
  3. If a faculty member has several sections of the same course, students may, at the discretion of the faculty member, take the final examination with another section providing there is no conflict.
  4. Since no conflicts are possible, make-up examinations should not be necessary. Any examination which must be missed due to an emergency, should be rescheduled after the regularly scheduled examination and not during a Reading Period, during ESP, or on a Sunday. Should such scheduling not be possible, the instructor should award the grade of "I". It should be noted that conflicts with travel arrangements do not constitute an emergency and will not justify a make-up examination.
  5. Should the meeting time of a particular section overlap two time periods, the instructor may select the period in which to give the examination.
  6. Any exception to these policies must be requested in writing by the student and concurred by the instructor and the Associate Provost.

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