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Transfer Credit Policy

In addition to the information provided below, students  may view their academic catalog for additional details:

Current Citadel students must submit a  Transient Permission Form to the Office of the Registrar prior to taking courses at another college.

Undergraduate New Transfer Students

Transfer students may be awarded credit for courses taken at their previous college. Students can expect to receive their Transfer Credit Summary of each college they have provided a transcript for within 2-4 weeks of admission.

Undergraduate Returning Student Transfer Credit

To ensure that courses taken away from The Citadel will be accepted for transfer, Citadel students should obtain written, prior approval through the Office of the Registrar. Students may find the Transient Permission Form on the Registrar’s Office forms website.

College Transfer Credit Policy

Courses are first evaluated by the Registrar’s office and when a course has not been previously evaluated, the appropriate department chair/dean or designee will determine whether to award credit towards the student's major. Course work taken at another college and accepted for transfer by The Citadel need not be applicable to a student’s major. In general, transfer credit is awarded when:

  • earned at a school accredited by a regional accrediting association;
  • a grade of C- or higher is earned;
  • course content is similar to the corresponding course at The Citadel
  • the course completes requirements in the major, general education, or elective areas.

Although a course may be transferable, it may not necessarily apply to all majors, programs, or degrees. New students should contact the Office of Admissions and returning students should contact their academic department chair.

Students may earn up to 75% of degree requirements through transfer credit. Within that 75%, a maximum of 76 hours may be transferred from a 2-year institution.  For students with an earned associate’s degree (AA or AS) from a public South Carolina Technical College or an accredited community college, the Citadel will award a minimum of 60 credit hours in transfer and will be given junior status but this will not impact a student’s Cadet class status. This is determined by the number of years in the Corps of Cadets.

Courses transferred from another college will not be noted in the student’s grade-point average at The Citadel. Transcripts sent from other colleges to The Citadel become the property of The Citadel and cannot be issued to the student or a third party.

Additional Considerations When Transferring Courses Back to The Citadel:

  1. Students who are not maintaining the minimum cumulative GPA for continuance must take coursework at The Citadel. See current catalog for GPA requirements.
  2. When selecting another college/university, make sure you know whether it is on a semester or quarter hour system. One-quarter hour does not equal one semester hour.
  3. Courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis (typically identified as a grade of "P" or "F" on a transcript) will only be considered if the institution where the courses were completed indicates in their published grade scale that a "Pass" or grade "P" is equivalent to a grade of "C-" or better. 
  4. Credit hour value of transfer courses must be equal to or greater than The Citadel course for which substitution is sought; however, credits transferred will not exceed those of The Citadel equivalent.
  5. Courses previously passed at The Citadel are not acceptable for transfer.
  6. Permission to take approved course(s) does not waive residency requirements at The Citadel.
  7. No more than four courses and their associated labs totaling not more than 14 credit hours (2 courses each summer term) may be transferred for summer sessions. No more than one course totaling three credit hours may be transferred during Maymester. Any exception to the number of hours that may be earned during a summer session or to the total number of hours that may be earned during summer school must be approved by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.
  8. The Citadel will accept no transfer credits earned while a student is on academic or conduct discharge or while conduct charges are pending.
  9. Not all courses count as transfer credit. For instance, CEU's or what is known as Continuing Education Units, Remedial Course credits, and Credit-by-exam earned at other institutions are not generally counted as transfer credit.
  10. You must request that an official transcript from the other college/university be sent directly to The Citadel Registrar's Office. Credits will not be awarded until the official transcript is received. Hand delivered transcripts or grade reports will not be accepted.


Graduate Students

The Citadel Graduate College does permit up to 12 hours of transfer credit from other accredited higher education institutions and from military education and training recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (see Military Course Work Policy).

No more than 12 hours may be transferred from other accredited colleges or universities (e.g. Southern Association of Colleges, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, etc.). Exceptions may be granted by the Associate Provost of Enrollment Management. Only graduate credit hours in which grades of “B-” or higher have been earned are transferable. Some programs allow fewer hours of transfer credit. Students should check the requirements for specific programs for the maximum number of credit hours that may be transferred into his or her program at The Citadel.

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