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Requirements for Major


The 2 + 2 program in criminal justice consists of a total of 55 upper division credit hours: in addition to required coursework, includes 33 credit hours in the major and 15 credit hours of upper level elective courses, 36 of which must be taken at The Citadel.

Required Courses: 12 Credit Hours
CRMJ 201 Intro to Criminal Justice CRMJ 370 Police Systems
CRMJ 202 Criminology CRMJ 380 Corrections


Upper Level Elective Courses (Must be at 300 level or higher): 33 Credit Hours:
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective
CRMJ Upper Level Elective

Note: CRMJ 201 is a prerequisite for all criminal justice courses except CRMJ 202.

Students may choose from the following list of upper level elective courses in criminal justice:
CRMJ 371 Critical Issues in Law Enforcement
CRMJ 373 Criminal Evidence
CRMJ 375 Criminal Justice Administration
CRMJ 381 Organized Crime
CRMJ 382 Drugs and Crime
CRMJ 383 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRMJ 384 International Crime
CRMJ 385 Juvenile Delinquency
CRMJ 386 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CRMJ 387 Criminal Investigation
CRMJ 388 White Collar Crime
CRMJ 390 Victimology
CRMJ 391 Criminalistics
CRMJ 392 Computer Crime
CRMJ 465 Special Topics in Criminal Justice

Three of the following courses can count as an upper level elective in the major:
Electives: (3 courses, 9 credit hours)
PSCI 302 Urban Politics
PSCI 310 Domestic Terrorism
PSCI 342 International Terrorism
PSCI 361 Law and Legal Process
PSCI 392 Political Theory
PSCI 401 Public Policy Process
PSCI 461 Issues in Contemporary Constitutional Law
SOCI 201, 202 and any 300-400 level course in sociology

Credit for CRMJ 498 (Independent Study) and CRMJ 499 (Internships): Approval is required from the participating faculty member, the 2 + 2 program director, and the Associate Dean of Evening Undergraduate Studies. A description of these courses will be included in the Citadel Graduate College catalog.

Elective Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Must be upper-level courses at 300-400 level.

Recommended: Minor in Leadership Studies.[1]

TRANSFER COURSES: The following courses will transfer from Trident Technical College into The Citadel as lower division electives:
CRJ 115 Criminal Law I
CRJ 120 Constitutional Law
CRJ 126 Research Methods
CRJ 130 Police Administration
CRJ 202 Criminalistics
CRJ 210 Juvenile and the Law
CRJ 243 Criminal Profiling
CRJ 224 Police-Community Relations
CRJ 222 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 230 Criminal Investigation I
CRJ 232 White Collar Crime Investigation
CRJ 233 Cyber Crimes and the Law
CRJ 236 Criminal Evidence
CRJ 239 Homeland Security and Terrorism
CRJ 242 Correctional Systems
CRJ 244 Probation, Pardon and Parole

Note: CRJ 101 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) and CRJ 125 (Criminology) can be taken at either institution.

[1]The minor in Leadership Studies consists of course from a number of academic departments. The minor is intended to highlight and reinforce the centrality of leadership in The Citadel experience. The minor focuses more on an understanding of the nature of leadership than on the development of leadership skills. This minor is intended for students who wish to supplement their study in those content areas with a scholarly consideration of the subject of leadership. The minor consists of five courses or 15 credit hours (at least three courses or 9 credit hours must be completed at The Citadel): one experiential course, LDRS 401 Senior Seminar in Leadership, and three electives from the following list:

BADM 371 Leadership in Organizations
ENGL 371 Literary Paradigms of Leadership
HIST 371 Historical Studies in Leadership
PSCI 371 Leadership in Politics
PSCI 305 American Presidency
PSYC 371 Psychology of Leadership

MAPPING OF COURSES - Trident Technical College and The Citadel

Associate in Arts Major or Associate in Applied Science—Criminal Justice
To Four-Year Degree in Criminal Justice at The Citadel

For Trident Technical College students who are either in the Associate Arts or Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice, and wish to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at The Citadel, the following is a map of the courses to complete the general education requirements.

The Citadel Requirements


TTC AA Major

6 hours of Writing/ENG Composition
ENGL 101
ENGL 102
ENG 101
ENG 102 (Take instead of CRJ 140)
ENG 101
ENG 102

6 hours of Humanities/Ethics/Foreign Language

PHI 110 (Take instead of CRJ 222)
3 hours of HUM (Gen. Elective)
PHI 110 (strongly encouraged)
3 hours HUM
MUS 105
ART 101
ART 107
ART 108
PHI 101
REL 101
Foreign Language 101/102 sequence
6 hours of History in sequence
HIST 101/102
HIST 104/105
HIS 101/102
HIS 104/105 (Gen. Electives)
HIS 101/102
HIS 104/105
6 hours of Mathematics
MATH 109 or 120
MAT 120
MAT 109
MAT 120
MAT 109
8 hours of a Lab Science
(does not have to be sequential)
BIO 101/102*
AST 101/102*
6 hours of Social Science
SOC 101 (Social Science Req.)**
PSY 201 or PSC 201 or ANT 101
SOC 101 (Social Science Req.)**
PSY 201 or PSC 201 or ANT 101
Required CRJ Courses at The Citadel
CRMJ 201(Req.)
CRMJ 202 (Req.)
CRJ 101(Req.)
CRJ 125 (Req.)
CRJ 101(Req. Elective)***
CRJ 125 (Req. Elective)***
21 hours of Lower Division Electives
CPT 101
CPT 101


CRJ 115
CRJ 220 or BUS 121
CRJ 210
CRJ 242
CRJ 130
CRJ 236


3 hours of Oral Communication
3 hours of Literature
9 hours of HUM/SOC-SCI/COM




*Students can also do CHM 106/107 or PHY 201/202 as part of the lab science combo, but CHM 106/107 are not offered often and the physics requires a hire math prerequisite than BIO and AST.

**SOC 101 can also count as an upper level elective in the major at The Citadel.

***For the AA, make CRJ 101 and 125 required electives because they are required at The Citadel and also for the CRJ degree at TTC.

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