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Cadet Records Policy


Policy: Cadet records are treated confidentially. Except when required by law, cadets are given the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of any records containing FERPA information. Records will not be released to any unauthorized personnel without the written consent of the cadet. If multiple cadets are involved, disclosure approval must be obtained from all or identifying information must be redacted before the records are released.


Policy: Cadet Disciplinary records are the property of The Citadel Commandant's Department. The information contained in the disciplinary record belongs to the cadet. Disciplinary records will be copied at the written request of the cadet. Any identifying FERPA information on other cadets will be redacted prior to release unless there is express written consent of the cadet involved.



  1. All cadet permanent records are kept in the cadet file room. The room will remain locked except when an authorized member of the Commandant's Staff is in the room.

  2. All cadet records kept in a staff members' office (to include Tactical Officer's Offices) will be kept secured when the staff member is not present. Records with FERPA data will be covered at all times when anyone without current access is in the office.

  3. Commandant's Staff computer screens should be placed in such a manner that the cadet records are not visible to visitors to staff offices. If this in not possible, staff members will close any electronic document with personal, student information when anyone without current access is in the office. On screen files will be closed whenever a staff member leaves the office.

  4. To authorize the release of discipline information, CC Form 95, an Authorization for Release of Disciplinary Information (see attached) must be completed. The cadet must name the individual(s) who may receive the information.

  5. All Cadet records are kept for five (5) years after the cadet leaves The Citadel. After five years, all files are shredded and disposed of in accordance with current regulations.

  6. The Commandant's Staff personnel (see attached) will be educated on all current departmental and other policies regarding security of cadet records, and be required to sign Statement of Understanding (see attached), which will then become a permanent part of their departmental file. Refresher training will be conducted annually or as new information requirements dictate.

  7. Cadet disciplinary information may be shared with other faculty having a legitimate educational interest.
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